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Here at VIP Window Cleaning Services we provide our customers with quality service and attention to detail. We use a deionizing system that not only provides the cleanest windows possible, but is also a green solution to using harsh chemicals that can harm the environment. This deionizing system removes all chemicals such as clorine and fluoride from tap water creating the purest water available. The end result is streak and spot free windows. Here at VIP we are dedicated to provide all of our customers with the finest quality work all while remaining eco-friendly.


  • Window Cleaning

    All window cleaning quotes include cleaning of the frames and window sills. Keep in mind that the real magic happens when both sides are cleaned using the same methods. Ask about our discount on interior and exerior cleanning. Screen and track cleaning avaiiable upon your request.

  • Power Washing

    Let our pressure washing specialist handle your stains with the precise amount of pressure the surface can handle. Most stains will require the strength of more than just your average electric pressure washer. Let us bring in the right amount of muscle needed to get the job done properly.

  • Eavesthrough Cleaning

    We will remove all debris and flush all downspouts to ensure the water is draining properly. No mess is left on your property because we bag all debris that comes from your eavestrough. All eavestrough cleaning includes a free leak inspection.

  • X-Mas Lights

    Brighten up your holidays! We are equipped to supply and install stunning interior and exterior lighting and decorations. Anything from simply lighting your home to decorating the tallest of trees. We also offer takedowns. Call or email for a free estimate.

Experience The Difference

At VIP Window Cleaning Services, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of quality. View the video above and experience the difference we offer our clients.

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